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• Getting the most from your Ear+ headphone amplifier • 12SN7/6SN7 listening tests with the Ultra 4A possibilities for do-it-yourself (DIY) Tube (pair) Comments from Christian Comments from Dr. P 12SX7 Rogers (RCA) ... Document Retrieval

Build A Class-A Amplifier
Sets can conduct uncontrollably under high slew conditions, making it dangerous to operate the amplifier at high frequencies, a particularly bad problem with some quasi- ... Fetch Doc

Quickie Manual -
Wanting to learn about DIY tube audio. powered tube headphone amp and modification into a battery powered tube buffer circuit for use Don’t work in socks or bare feet. A circuit can be created from the live amplifier to ground through your feet. Author: ... Return Document

The Sound Of Distortion
Designing tube audio stuff for about 10 years Design headphone amps for HeadRoom ( Occasionally write for AudioXpress How it works The magic box uses a “gated-beam discriminator” tube, 6BN6, as an amplifier stage The Magic Box settings The magic box has four ... Retrieve Document

Fusion Power Multiplier Whitepaper Fusion
Some designers (generally not in the commercial arena, but only among DIY Enthusiasts) elect not to address the or perhaps a tube based headphone amplifier. Even a quite low powered OTL Amplifier may serve in the driving seat. The ... Access Document

Continue the ancestor of The Reference DIY Amplifier, now, presented miniME hybrid tube integrated amplifier. It design for small system, Headphone/earphone tube amplifier, microHEAD Rp 1.500.000----- We used to pay attention and concern about headphone ... Fetch Full Source

Aikido Amplifier Revisited
DIY website. If only I held such extrasensory powers; why, I might even be able If a tube headphone amplifier is your goal, then a single Aikido amplifier could suffice. I would look into using a 6N1P working into a 6H30 (6N30). No output ... Retrieve Here

… Edited By Barry Mishkind – The Eclectic Engineer The ...
Search for “Tube headphone amplifier.” You will find something like: “Valve Class A Tube Headphone Amplifier pre Bravo V2 a” DIY, TOO If you would like to save even more on some high end stuff that you can build into your own ... Fetch Doc

ICombo, Best Buy 2010 At Appeals To ...
Appeals to audiophiles and more DIY user iCombo by Trends Audio You dreamed, Trends Audio has done 2.Trends PA-10 SE Tube Headphone/Pre Amplifier -incl. Chinese 6N11 Tube 3.Trends PW-10 PSU 220V or 110V 4.Trends QB-773 Audiophile Audio Cable 5. ... Access Doc

The White Cathode Follower As An OTL Power Stage For Headphones
There are still many tube aficionados who design and build tube headphone amplifiers. Many of these designs are output transformer-less (OTL). Choosing an OTL topology, Unfortunately, the headphone amplifier must drive 32R to 300R loads. ... Fetch Content

User Manual For The RKV - Mark II tube headphone amplifier
tube headphone amplifier We congratulate you with the purchase of this superb AUDIO VALVE HiFi component. Usage of DIY cables, low spec cables or cables intended for other use voids all warranty and cancels any product liability. ... Retrieve Content

47 Treasure/47 Laboratory Original Construction Kit Model ...
Stereo Headphone Amplifier with Line Output 1ST DIY KIT FROM 47 LABORATORY! and classical outlooks like antique tube amplifier. All of the future “47 Treasure” product line will be the same design. ... Read Content

The PLH Amplifier By Nelson Pass Introduction: The JLH Amplifier
The PLH Amplifier By Nelson Pass Introduction: The JLH Amplifier In 1969 John Linsley-Hood wrote in Wireless World: particularly tube-like quality compared to the more complex solid-state designs of the era and since. ... Read Full Source

Build It! A Portable Headphone Amplifier By Mark Amundson
A Portable Headphone Amplifier By Mark Amundson Ever wanted to monitor a line level signal? first time DIY project builders would feel comfortable finding the parts and tube radio kit. His favorite instruments are guitars, electric and acoustic, ... Fetch Full Source

This Design Is Created Project: Notes: For Those Who Love ...
For those who love tube (valve) amplifiers and may be freely distributed or ep duc . ** Headphone jack can be used as a second output for SubWoofer or other option Valve Amplifier Designs Created Date: ... Access Full Source

Build A Low-Voltage Tube Hybrid Headphone/Line Amp
A do-it-yourself headphone amp. Sec-ond, I had been hearing from quite a few people who wanted to try to build tube voltage amplifier stage and a solid-state follower to get a low enough out-put impedance to drive headphones. It ... Return Document